October 3, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Sunday 31st May

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I’m awake. It’s dark. Do I feel ok? Yes. Shut up then.

05.00, 06.00 & 07.00

What in the actual hell was I thinking leaving the bedroom windows open?

Mum always said ‘I never open the front windows because it’s just too noisy. I just leave the bathroom ones open and it creates a super airflow’

She wasn’t lying. The birds are full of chitter chatter from sunup, plus the Church clock is an absolute bastard. It bongs once for quarter past, twice for half past, THREE times for the .45 and then goes into full bongage on the hour. Every hour.

Like I don’t have a watch and can’t check the time myself.



I have made a gin bar.

Well, I’ve lined up tasty looking bottles of gin in a row, making sure that they look pretty and that the colour wheel order is preserved.

I also found Fever-Tree tonic. I had hidden it last Autumn. Along with all the fancy gins. Perhaps I have trust issues? Worth a thought at some point.

Had two gins. Felt happy. Also moved two plant pots from the top of the garden to the yard. Not sure why, just seemed productive.

Watered all the tubs using the water butt. It has been a very dry May so don’t want to be wasteful. Not that anyone would know as I’m locked up here and nobody is popping round to catch me frittering the water resources away anytime soon. I think some of the plants are dead but I watered them just in case.

Trod on a prickle. It hurt a lot. Dangerous to walk around barefoot said a voice from my past. Silently in my head. Quite a few voices today. The mental natives are becoming restless.

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