September 25, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Saturday 6th June

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I have been so busy today!

I did pilates with my new BFF Zoe. She worked me hard!

Then I noticed that the yard was looking really sorry for itself so I decided to give it a good clean. My fitbit thinks I have become an endurance athlete.

I have washed windows and doors, swept up leaves, unblocked drains and washed down furniture. I have arranged and then rearranged plant pots for maximum feng shui and also to make more space. It’s a tricky area because It’s more like a corridor than a back yard, so careful planning is needed to maximise space and curb appeal. The bin has always been just outside the back door. To the right.

Friends, I have relocated it to near the drain. Revolutionary I realise but it really works. The bin is now not the first thing you see on leaving the house.

I have also set up two chairs and a small table for morning coffee, enhanced by the addition of a green ceramic strawberry planter, which also happens to have one, very nearly ripe strawberry on it. Kiss my hand and call me Kelly Hoppen.

I should be nominated for an OBE for services to back passages.

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