October 3, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Saturday 30th May

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I’m awake. I might need the loo. Can I be arsed? Better to go in case you do and then you might go back to sleep. What if that just wakes me up though and then I can’t get back to sleep? Go to the bloody loo. OK. Is that a throat tickle I’m feeling? Spend half an hour wondering about this before sleeping again.


Time to make a tray of tea and enjoy my book. I have all the time in the world to do things whilst I’m here. Make the most of today, plus it’s beautifully sunny, so I’ll be up the garden on that sunbed for a good hour or two whilst maintaining a strict 2 metre distance from the edge of my property. I’m glad I’ve put a time limit on social media sites. I don’t want to be wasting my days looking at ridiculous postings that just make me feel miserable. Also it must be better for my wellbeing. I’m meditating every day now. A ten minute oasis of calm each morning to replenish the well of my spirit. When I remember, of course.


Can’t concentrate on anything. Have failed miserably to read anything of import or intellect. May have unmuted Candy Crush but only the Soda saga. Not the others. I’m not that weak.

Did sunbathing. Watered two plants. Wondered about how to remodel the whole house. How do you paint laminate bath panels successfully? Had chicken for dinner. Had to. Hardly ordered anything else. To be blunt, my shopping list was a disaster. Like it was written by a carnivorous lunatic who liked the odd vegetable and a cup of tea now and again. Did my brothers washing which he kindly left from his visit in February. Lovely.

Watched some telly but didn’t turn the lights on for fear of someone realising I was here, potentially causing the mass destruction of all the local inhabitants. Also meant I didn’t have to shut the curtains so one less task for the morning. Win win.

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