September 25, 2022

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Track and Trace Team finds source of recent Covid cluster

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Public Health’s Track and Trace team believe they have identified the source of the recent cluster of Covid 19 cases.

A total of 10 people in Guernsey tested positive for Covid 19 over the past month.

The first person to test positive had not travelled recently so the Contact Tracing Team tested more than 200 people in a bid to discover the source of the infection – called the ‘index case’.

A spokesperson for the Committee for Health and Social Care said today:

‘At the time these cases were announced the Director of Public Health and the Contact Tracing Team were unable to identify the source of infection for the index case.

‘We are now in a position to confirm that we believe we have identified the source of the infection and that all necessary retrospective steps have been taken to ensure that the spread of COVID-19 has been identified and contained.  It is always possible that reintroduction occurs – what happened here was the efficient test, track and isolation programme enabled a rapid response and containment.

‘Ten positive cases were identified in this cluster – six were related to a specific venue (which was not the source of the original infection), 3 were family members and 1 was a work colleague (again not the source of the original infection). We can also confirm that the source of the infection was NOT a student.

‘Our enhanced testing capacity allowed Public Health Services to carry out widespread testing (i.e. not limited to close contacts) and, therefore, 268 contacts were tested regarding the cluster.

‘Since 21st September, as part of our community testing programme, we have tested nearly 3,000 symptomatic people in the community and none of these individuals have tested positive.

‘There is no reason for the community to be concerned about the prospect of continued infection from the source of infection or this cluster of cases that was identified. We are unable to provide any more information as it is essential that we respect confidentiality and establish a rapport with positive cases as to do otherwise would impact on the efficacy of our contact tracing.’

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