September 25, 2022

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Takeaway confusion

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During earlier Phases of Alderney’s lockdown, there was confusion regarding the operation of takeaway food outlets afer HSC ‘answered a different question’.

Alderney’s Policy and Finance Committee chairman James Dent, together with States of Alderney CEO Andrew Muter, also asked specifically for permission for four local restaurants, who had each detailed how social distancing and hygiene requirements could be met during cooking and transportation, could resume limited business on delivered pre-prepared meals.

At the last press briefing HSC President Deputy Heidi Soulsby advised that the restaurants could open purely to augment the Meals on Wheels service, with chefs preparing the same meals, selling them at the same prices and having them delivered by Meals on Wheels at lunchtime. In fact Meals on Wheels still has resilience and had not asked for that aid.

President William Tate, who is updating the public regularly on the radio with regard to COVID-19, said that while a specific question had been asked of HSC, they got an answer to a ‘different question’.

‘We are still waiting for clarification at how they [HSC] arrived at that decision. We asked a specific question and we got an answer to a different question.

‘No doubt we will be able to come to a reasonable solution.’

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