September 25, 2022

First with the Alderney News

States’ help for first time buyers?

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The States of Alderney is looking for ways to help young people to buy their first home on
the Island.

The Island’s youngest elected Member, Rhys Jenkins, kept a manifesto promise when he
brought up the subject of helping first-time buyers to spread some of the costs of buying a

He outlined proposals at last week’s Policy & Finance Committee (P&F) that prompted
fellow Members to ask officers to investigate options for a practical scheme.

As part of this policy initiative the committee will also seek the views of banks and mortgage
providers, amongst others, to help inform the States of Alderney’s position as it considers the

And the Island’s new Chief Executive, Kath Jones, has pledged to work with Mr Jenkins, who
is married with two young children. “I very much look forward to working with Rhys to find
the way forward”
she said.

Mr Jenkins said: “I’m delighted my ideas were so well received. The next steps are to turn
what is essentially an idea at this stage into a formal proposal to put to P&F. It is important
to work with other stakeholders to ensure it will work for everyone.

“Hopefully, this will lead to a method that will help first-time buyers enormously but won’t
be a burden to other taxpayers.”

If successful, the scheme could be extended to others such as essential workers, but would
not be available to those who already own a property.

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