September 25, 2022

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States draft in Adrian Lewis to help civil service

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Senior Guernsey civil servant Adrian Lewis has been recruited to offer ‘interim support’ to the States of Alderney.

The Island’s serving Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Muter, apparently remains in the UK.

Mr Lewis, who is currently Chief Secretary of Home Affairs in Guernsey, acted as interim CEO to the States of Alderney for around nine months after Victor Brownlees left.

Current CEO Andrew Muter is believed to have left Alderney on leave around month ago and remains off Island.

Chief Executive Officer Andrew Muter is off Island

Government of Alderney law sets down that: ‘The Chief Executive shall be ordinarily resident in Alderney and shall devote his whole time to the functions of Chief Executive.’

AYNEWS asked James Dent, chairman of the States Board of Employment, for information on the whereabouts of the Island’s serving CEO.

The response was: ‘The Chief Executive is still in post and that we are fully aware of the Government of Alderney law requirement.’

The States of Alderney put out a statement earlier today saying that a number of senior staff had ‘retired or relocated’ from the Civil service and had not yet been replaced.

James Dent, Chairman of the States Employment Board, said:

‘We are going through a time of change and are conscious that the loss from a number of senior positions, combined with Covid19 and Brexit, has created considerable pressure on the States team, both the elected Members and the staff.

We are therefore delighted to have secured the services of Adrian Lewis, the current Chief Secretary of Home Affairs in Guernsey, to provide additional executive support on an interim basis.’

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