September 25, 2022

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SoA: Alderney may be able to adapt lockdown exit timing

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The States of Alderney issued the following statement today, following the CCA briefing.

Dr Nicola Brink, Director of Public Health, said there had been no further cases discovered since the one case identified last week. “The residents of Alderney are playing their part [in adhering to lockdown guidance] and this case is under control” she added. “The person involved has done everything they should do. It was detected through contact tracing and
there are no further implications for Alderney.”

As they have throughout this recent wave of Covid-19 cases and the imposition of a lockdown, the authorities in Alderney and Sark have aligned themselves fully with the Bailiwick-wide restrictions and will continue to do so.

However, as a result of recent discussions with the Civil Contingencies Authority (CCA), Alderney and Sark may be granted special dispensation to adapt the lockdown exit strategy announced by the States of Guernsey at its media briefing on February 10.

An example given was that Alderney may feel it is appropriate to move to Stage Two before Guernsey due to its own unique circumstances. Such a decision could only be made with the agreement of the CCA.

“Alderney and Sark may want to adapt the strategy to meet the situations they find themselves in,” said Deputy Peter Ferbrache, Chairman of the CCA.

A three-stage framework for the exit strategy was announced at the briefing with Stage One not expected to commence until February 18 at the earliest, although some immediate easing of restrictions begins from tomorrow (February 11).

These include:
Non-essential business that can operate with one staff member only, who comes into no physical contact with any other individual, can return to work.
Support bubbles will also be allowed in specific circumstances, including households with children under one year old and households with single parents and lone adult carers.

Also announced at the briefing was the move to make face coverings mandatory in indoor public spaces from Saturday 13 February.

Dr Brink said there was a plateau in the number of new cases and the lockdown exit would depend on there being no new clusters of Covid-19 cases, among other factors such as public adherence to the measures and the continued roll-out of the vaccine programme.

For more information and guidance please visit or the States of Alderney website where the latest media information will be posted.

Full details of the Bailiwick’s ‘Exit from Lockdown’ are at

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