October 3, 2022

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Schools to close for the week as more positive cases are identified in Guernsey

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As more people tested positive for Covid-19 today the Civil Contingencies Authority announced they were closing all schools and colleges in the Bailiwick for the rest of the week.

Testing on Monday uncovered 10 further cases. Three were from so far unknown sources in the community and seven were identified through tracing as contacts of previously identified cases.

Today 13 people tested positive for the virus. One of them had travelled outside the Bailiwick, six were contact cases and six of them were of unknown source.

A total of positive 30 cases were linked to eight different schools, colleges and playschools in the Bailiwick, with infected youngsters spanning all age groups.

Public Health Director Dr Nicola Brink, who held a press briefing today with Chief Minister Peter Ferbrache, said all schools would now close to the end of the week for children of essential workers and vulnerable children. The situation will be reviewed at the end of the week.

It is not believed any positive cases have been linked to St Anne’s School but the Island is currently following all guidelines set out by the the States of Guernsey.

Dr Brink said:

‘We have continued to identify cases in education settings and it remains cause for concern.

Keeping education sites closed to all students is an important measures as we remain focused on our principle objective of trying to stop the rapid transmission of COVID-19. We are acutely aware of the impact for vulnerable students currently unable to be in school and for those parents who are essential staff and we as a community need to be in work.

We are examining all options to get sites open as quickly as possible, and in the safest way possible, to support vulnerable students and the children of essential workers.’

The number of people testing positive for Covid -19 appears to be slowing down, with a peak of 38 new cases on Sunday.

But Dr Brink said it was vital to guard against complacency.

I’m pleased there has been no exponential increase but we can’t be complacent. We are still seeing what, for us, is a large number of cases coming through. We still have unexplained community transmission and it is an unstable situation. During the last major outbreak it was only 10 days into lockdown that cases began to come down.’

Breakdown of recent Covid cases
Testing was performed on people with contacts to infected individuals and on those who came forward with symptoms

The CCA is also asking anyone with any significant contact with a person who has tested positively for the virus to isolate until they are tested.

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