September 25, 2022

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Public meeting on marina proposals is postponed

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A public meeting scheduled to take place this week by would-be marina developers has been postponed.

Gordon Owen and Kay Elliott architects had pencilled in a meeting for Tuesday 21st July using video conferencing technology to talk to residents remotely,

It followed weeks on speculation on the size, cost and extent of new housing involved in the resurrection of a proposal to build a marina at the eastern end of Braye Bay.

The UK-based team behind the proposal agreed to take part in a public meeting in the Island Hall using group video conferencing technology.

Now they have deferred the meeting until September because of Covid-19 restrictions.

Graham McKinley, Chairman of the General Services Committee said they hoped to come over to the island in person when restrictions are lifted to discuss their ideas with residents face to face.

He said:

‘The principle reason that it was deferred was because I was told by someone who quite often prepares the Island Hall for open meetings using microphones, loudspeakers and a screen that it would be impossible to run such a meeting using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

‘A second reason was because the marina development team would much prefer to give a live presentation and engage in open discussion with attendees. This would mean attendance in person and a requirement for them to self isolate for 14 days before the meeting.

‘Hence deferment until some time after the 1st of September when, hopefully the rules for self isolation will change.’

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