September 25, 2022

First with the Alderney News

President quashes rumours of Covid cases on Alderney

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President William Tate

Alderney’s President, William Tate, asked to speak on Quay FM to quash rumours circulating the Island regarding possible cases of Covid -19.

Mr Tate stated catagorically:

At this time there are NO confirmed cases of Covid-19 on the island!’

The States of Guernsey also confirmed to AYNEWS that no-one on Alderney had tested positive for Coronavirus.

Mr Tate said if that situation changed the public would immediately be informed.

He went on:

‘Speculation can only hamper the efforts of the islands medical professionals.’

He also addressed the suggestion that the entire island should be tested for the virus, saying it was ‘logistically impossible’ for the medical services.

He reiterated the new regulation that anyone travelling from Guernsey to Alderney is required to isolate for 14 day and urged people to wear masks in closed spaces.

2 thoughts on “President quashes rumours of Covid cases on Alderney

  1. Not sure President is correct about virus in Alderney. I believe people with the virus have been in Alderney.

  2. In any case wearing a mask, keeping safe distances, washing hands well and frequently will help stop any further spread.

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