October 3, 2022

First with the Alderney News

President acts to authorise remote States’ meetings

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President of the States of Alderney today issued the following statement:

This morning I received a request from The Civil Contingencies Authority, to exercise the powers conferred upon me by Part IV A of the Government of Alderney Law 2004.

Having consulted with H.M. Comptroller as required under the legislation and having been advised that the request was both appropriate and proportionate, I made a determination that it was appropriate for Part IVA of the Government of Alderney Law 2004 to apply with immediate effect.

Part IV A of the act allows inter alia for meetings of the States of Alderney and Committees of the States of Alderney to be conducted remotely until such time as I determine it is no longer appropriate.

These provisions were introduced last year when it was necessary to have remote meetings, but subsequently expired when they were no longer required. They were a temporary measure.

The States of Alderney resolved to amend the Government of Alderney Law 2004, on the basis that should the provisions be required at a later date, it would be a quick and simple process to put in place, which is what I have done today.’

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