October 3, 2022

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Precautions! President reminds residents

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President William Tate

States of Alderney President William Tate is reminding islanders to maintain COVID-19 precautions.

In a statement issued from his office, and in a broadcast on QUAY-FM on Thursday morning, President Tate had the following advice for the Island:

Masks: Islanders are asked to dispose of used face masks only in the general waste and to cut the elastic cords in order to prevent harm to animals or marine life.

Shopping: staff and volunteers shopping for the Connaught Care Home and those shopping on behalf of Age Concern will wear special badges to indicate their mission. Early opening has been arranged by Jean’s Stores to accommodate them.

Travel: Anyone travelling to the UK for essential purposes and planning to return must have a pre-arranged travel permit – details at https://covid19.gov.gg/guidance/travel

School: Parents of all children eligible to return to school next week (vulnerable children and the children of key workers) have been informed and the school will be in touch to inform parents what to expect.

Mr Tate informed Islanders that the lockdown measures appeared to be working with fewer positive cases identified in Guernsey on February 3, and there remain no known cases on Alderney, but he stressed the need to maintain the strict lockdown measures governing the whole Bailiwick.

The next media briefing will take place on Friday February 5 at 1pm. It will be live streamed on the covid19.gov.gg homepage and on the States of Guernsey Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/govgg.

For more information and guidance please visit covid19.gov.gg or the States of Alderney website at www.alderney.gov.gg where the latest media information will be posted.

2 thoughts on “Precautions! President reminds residents

  1. Do we really need reminding from our President of all which is readily available on Quay FM, Guernsey Radio, Facebook and States of Alderney/Guernsey websites. I listened to one broadcast and it was word for word what had been written elsewhere and had been repeated at least 10 times on other media. it was as if the contents needed to be “translated” for the people of Alderney so that they could “understand”. I am however at a loss to “understand” that since there have been no Covid positive tests from AY for the last 7 days, 1000+ residents are vaccinated, Guernsey is now a 14 day isolation return zone and the borders are closed to the UK as to why the internal lock down of the island can not be lifted at the end of next week after 21 days of viral incubation would have passed since the lock down was first announced 10 days ago.. I heard one states member glibly said that it might be “months” not weeks and he seemed not to have a care in the world. Fine for most of them as they do not run businesses and many of them are retired. It is NOT fine for those with huge pay rolls to pay and without any firm guarantees that the gg gov pay roll scheme will even be paid. ( Rumoured that it will be means tested) The island needs to internally open up to manage its local economy as soon as possible and given the above 21 day conditions, it seems as “safe” as any time thus far in the pandemic. To let it go on and on,” just because “… is not a healthy solution and poses serious risks on many other fronts, not least for the economy but also for the domestic well-being of the place. Perhaps, instead of handing out cuddly platitudes and reminding us all of the rules we already know, the President should be tasking himself to exploring every safe avenue to re-open the island’s businesses as swiftly as possible. He should be making it clearly known to his fellow States Members as well as the general public that for the sake of the island’s economy – the safe re-opening of the island’s internal businesses is both essential and vital for the needs of all members of the community. .That is true leadership.

  2. Yes absolutely spot on re the President and States members getting the right balance and not damaging the fabric of the Island by excessive zeal. They should also remember the second home owners who cannot travel to the Island yet are being asked to pay taxes for services that they cannot enjoy. They also keep the businesses on the Island afloat. Obviously there must be safeguards like mandatory quarantine and testing to prevent bringing teh virus to Alderney but the current total ban is unsustainable for the Island..

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