September 25, 2022

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Positive outcome to marina meeting

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An artists impression of how the marina could look

The States of Alderney is to tell developer that it ‘fully supports’ the creation of a marina on the Island and has invited them submit a detailed written proposal on the project.

Braye Harbour Developments, which comprises long time Alderney visitor Gordon Owen, who founded Walcon Marine, and specialist architects Kay Elliott, have proposed building a 400 berth marina on the rocky south east corner of Braye Bay.

Their proposal was made to the General Services Committee which was subsequently discussed at the Policy and Finance Committee on Thursday.

Braye Harbour Developments had asked to be granted a year during which it was guaranteed they would be the only firm working with the States on a marina project, while detailed engineering surveys were carried out on the land proposed for the facility.

While that exclusivity option was not granted at Thursday’s meeting the outcome, said GSC chairman Graham McKinley, was positive.

He said:

The Policy and Finance Committee (P&F) on Thursday confirmed that the States of Alderney fully supports the development of a marina, and invites Braye Harbour Developments, who is seeking one year’s exclusivity, to submit a detailed written proposal for scrutiny by the General Services Committee and the P&F Committee at their next meetings.

The correspondence requesting one year’s exclusivity will be reviewed by a commercial lawyer.

This will be followed by a third meeting with the developers at the end of July at which, hopefully, an agreement will be reached.

The cost of development is estimated to be somewhere between 20 and 25 million pounds, as of today the Sates have not been requested for one single penny towards it!’

1 thought on “Positive outcome to marina meeting

  1. …. I’m very pleased to see your reports on the Alderney marina proposal…. I know the company and the people….
    The people of Alderney must follow the example of the states of Alderney committee… I’ll give full support to ensure success and the Alderney economy… Michael 🤔🌐

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