October 3, 2022

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Positive Covid-19 case caught by seven day testing

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The Director of Public Health, Dr Nicola Brink, has announced the identification of a positive case of COVID-19 in the Bailiwick.

The patient returned from the UK (having complied with travel advice) and went straight into compulsory self-isolation on their return. This case was picked up when they were tested on day 7 after their arrival. The 7 day swab was taken on Sunday (6th September) and the person was informed of their positive results nine hours later.

There is no link whatsoever between this positive case and the one identified over the weekend in the Isle of Man.

Dr Nicola Brink, Director of Public Health said:

‘Whilst I know this announcement will concern members of the community, it is important to remember that we have robust systems in place to identify cases and then track and trace any contacts. The identification of this positive case gives us confidence that these systems are working correctly.

‘Prior to Phase 5b, with a 14 day self-isolation requirement in place, we would not have identified any positive asymptomatic cases entering the island as there was no testing required. So it is statistically possible that we’ve had other cases but with no symptoms or testing, we’ve not identified them as we have with this case. The effectiveness of our self-isolation regime means we’ve not had any second generation cases and that the Guernsey public is at little more risk than before we brought in 7 day testing.’

The person is currently doing well and has complied with the mandatory self-isolation requirements.

Islanders are reminded that the vast majority of cases (over 80%), infection with the virus causing COVID-19 is mild. Having come through the first wave of COVID-19 infections, the Bailiwick is now extremely well prepared to identify, trace and limit the spread of COVID-19.

Deputy Gavin St Pier, Chair of the Civil Contingencies Authority said:

‘The fact that both we and the Isle of Man have found our first new cases in months on the same day is pure coincidence. We always knew we would see further cases of COVID-19 in the Bailiwick and have said so many times over recent months. In this case the fact that the patient followed all travel advice and immediately went into compulsory self-isolation on arrival in the Bailiwick means we can be confident we have reduced any risk of its transmission in the community to a point where it is extremely low, which is the whole purpose of the rules we have.

‘The identification of one positive case does not mean that we will go back into earlier phases of lockdown. It does, however, highlight the critical importance of travellers adhering to the self-isolation requirements on entering the Bailiwick. The rules are there, as we have found, for a reason which is why any breach is rightly taken so seriously by Law Enforcement and the courts.’

For further information please go to the website http://www.gov.gg/coronavirus. For clinical concerns please call the coronavirus helpline 756938 or 756969

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