October 6, 2022

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Requete withdrawn for further work on curbing P&F powers

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A motion lodged with the States to reduce membership of the Policy and Finance Committee to five has been withdrawn after concerns expressed by the public.

Kevin Gentle led a requete signed by Annie Burgess, Chris Harris and Graham McKinley petitioning the States to whittle down the size of the all member and most powerful committee.

A smaller P&F, they argued, would lead to more efficient and better scrutinised decision making, forcing deliberation out of a closed committee and into the monthly States Meeting, which is open to the public.

Membership of the proposed smaller P&F would consist of the chairman of P&F, the General Services Committee and the Finance Committee, an Alderney Representative and another States Member.

But the move faced criticism from a public and government generally in favour of a smaller P&F, but concerned too much power could fall into too few hands.

Mr Gentle said the requete had many changes but he had no option to withdraw it in its current guise.

He explained why he had asked for it to be taken off the Billet at the October People’s Meeting.

‘The public have been supportive of this requete, principally because it brings the subject to the forefront; a thrust towards doing the right thing. However what started out as a concern has increased. The feeling is that there aren’t enough checks and balances in place alongside the proposition.

If the people… feel it doesn’t go far enough with P&F powers then the requete needs to go back to the Good Governance Group, have the necessary work done ad then brought back.’

It was not good governance, he said, to ignore public concern. He said it was also unfair on the incoming States Member who had not been party to the debate.

However the requete does to have given reform on that issue at least a shot in the arm, with work already having started on measures which could be introduced in tandem with the original proposal.

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