September 25, 2022

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David Earl: You get tired of beating your head against a brick wall

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A by-election will be held to replace David Earl's seat on the States

David Earl said his decision to step down from the States of Alderney was a decision he ‘did not take lightly’ but said the stress of working in a ‘dysfunctional’ government had taken its toll.

Mr Earl announced his resignation last week and it took the public and his fellow States Members by surprise.

Elected in 2018 for a term of four years, he chaired the Finance Committee and was vice chairman of the Policy and Finance Committee.

He had recently been in the process of attempting to form a joined up sea and air transport strategy for the government to place before the States of Guernsey. A couple of weeks ago he staged a meeting with business stakeholders to gauge their key requirements.

This week Mr Earl gave a statement on his decision and he pulled no punches when it came to describing what a poor state governance of the Island is in at the moment.

‘Firstly, I would like to apologise to anyone who voted for me in the 2018 election and who feel I have let them down. I can assure them my decision to resign from the States of Alderney was not taken lightly. However there comes a time when one gets tired of beating one’s head against a brick wall, and the stress it generates.

‘In a recent Quay FM interview I described the States of Alderney as dysfunctional – a situation one has to experience first hand in order to fully appreciate how bad it has become.

‘Bluntly, until the situation with the Chief Executive is resolved and there is effective leadership and direction, and until States Members learn how to work together as a team, the situation will not improve.

‘Looking to the future, nothing less than a radical overhaul of the States of Alderney is needed one which provides separation between the Executive and the Legislature. Prior to the lockdown the Good Governance Group had been considering various options prior to going out to public consultation. However all of these require significant changes to the Government of Alderney Law at a time when the Law Officers are pre-occupied with COVID-19 related issues.

‘Finally I would like to thank those people who have called or sent kind messages. Although I am no longer an Alderney States Member I can assure them I will continue to do everything I can outside the States to help create a sustainable economic future for the Island.’

The civil service is currently making arrangements for a by-election to find a replacement for Mr Earl. Alderney law states that a by-election must be held within three months of the seat becoming vacant.

To facilitate it, the September States Meeting has been brought forward

to the 9th of September 2020. The People’s Meeting will be convened on the 2nd of September 2020.

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