September 25, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Alderney deficit widened in 2019

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Alderney’s recorded net cost to the States of Guernsey rose by more than £1.5 million in 2019.

The deficit widened thanks mainly to higher spending on the transferred services – services such as healthcare, policing and education – and lower income from Alderney Gambling Control Commission surpluses.

The information was provided in the audited accounts of the States of Guernsey, published in this month’s Guernsey Billet.

Alderney’s net cost to Guernsey was recorded as £7.509 million in 2019. In 2018 it was put at £5,816.

Income tax collected from Alderney stood at £6,218 in 2019 – only a fraction less than the 2018 tally of £6,259.

TRP collected from Alderney – which will next year be set and kept by the States of Alderney in their new single property tax – was recorded as £929,000. This rose from £874,000 in 2018.

Document Duty also remained a constant at £322,000.

AGCC surpluses, which are passed on to the States of Alderney to fill their Capital Reserve, came to £1.4million, compared to £2.64 million in 2018.

Alderney’s total ‘income’ to the States of Alderney was put at £10,043,000.

The revenue spend on the transferred services however rose from £10.77m in 2018 to £11.15m in 2019.

The as yet unsubstantiated figure for Aurigny ‘losses in respect of the Alderney routes’ was put at £2.8million – out of total losses of £9.7m. The Alderney losses were put at exactly the same figure in 2018.

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