September 25, 2022

First with the Alderney News

No ETA for testing at Alderney Airport

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Arrivals testing for Covid 19 at Alderney Airport does not appear to be in the pipeline for the next couple of months.

Flights between Alderney and Southampton remain suspended until arrivals testing in Alderney is rolled out.

A spokesman for the States of Guernsey said Alderney bound passengers would self test in Guernsey on arrival before onward travel to the northern island.

He said the situation would be reviewed but stressed the current system was considered the most ‘safe, efficient and resilient’.

The Bailiwick entered phase 5C at the end of last month and self-testing on arrival at Guernsey Airport in purpose built booths began.

Travellers into the Bailiwick are also now required to register their journey in a Travel Tracker 48 hours in advance (To register visit )

AY News asked the States of Guernsey about arrangements in place for Alderney.

A spokesman said:

‘The strategy for day of arrival testing on commencement of 5C is that all scheduled air services for passengers travelling into the Bailiwick will rotate into and be processed through the new dedicated facilities at Guernsey airport.

‘Alderney bound passengers will disembark, undertake the self-administered test (observed) before going back through security for onwards travel to Alderney, which will not require use of the Travel Tracker as it is an intra-Bailiwick flight. The airport is working to ensure that any interline flights are as efficient as possible in terms of timings. This ensures efficiency within our end to end process and that those passengers who are travelling onwards to Alderney and Sark will receive their test results in a timely fashion.’

Day seven tests will continue to be scheduled and administered through the Mignot Memorial Hospital in Alderney.

Private aviators and sea travellers must provide notice of their arrival into Alderney to the Border Agency at least 24 hours in advance.

The spokesman added:

‘In addition to this usual notification process, all those travelling via private aircraft or by private vessel are also encouraged to use the new Travel Tracker to create an account and register their journey up to 48 hours before travel. Passengers will be met on arrival by Border Agency staff to be served with the relevant legal and isolation papers, as well as the option to undertake a self-administered (observed) day of arrival test, as required.

In terms of the practicalities of establishing and operating a dedicated facility on arrival in Alderney, this is being kept under review and will be the subject of further discussion with Alderney Authorities. The current strategy is deemed to be the most efficient, safe, and resilient way forward to proceed at a time with competing demands and priorities.’

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