September 25, 2022

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Dr Sally: Full steam ahead for vaccinations

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Dr Sally Simmons with IMC Practice Nurse Caroline Yorke

The Island Medical Centre teamis not slowing its vaccination programme despite the new lockdown.

Clinical Director Dr Sally Simmons writes:

‘Within an hour of receiving the news from Guernsey this morning about the 4 new cases of apparent community seeding of COVID-19, Practice Manager Tracy (‘The General’) Jean had mobilised her troops and adapted the planned vaccination clinic in line with the new guidance from Guernsey. Our patients were asked to wear masks, use hand sanitiser before entering the IMC and socially distance while waiting their 15 minutes after their jab.

‘The vaccinators all wore full PPE which may have been a little surprising for some, but we are going to put our names on our visors and gowns for tomorrow’s clinic.

‘Today we vaccinated 111 people in a little over 3 hours. Four vaccinators (Drs Simmons and Cooper, Practice Nurse Caroline Yorke and Paramedic Al McLean) together with admin staff Francesca Green, Jackie Davy and Jenny Wesley, worked hard to get all the eligible patients in the over 75 age group vaccinated.

‘Tomorrow’s clinic is going ahead as planned as we know that getting as many people within our community protected is one of the best ways of reducing the severity of the disease. Even one dose will give a higher level of protection than none at all. The second dose can be given from 4 to around 12 weeks.

‘We are contacting patients in the 70-75 age group to come for their vaccine tomorrow as well as those already with appointments. We would ask all our patients, family and friends to share this new information as not everyone is on social media and it is essential to get the messages out to everyone. We are working closely with other professionals in the Alderney Operational Group as well as keeping States members updated as the new lockdown.unfolds

‘The message to everyone now is stay at home, wash your hands regularly and wear a mask if you must go out to the shop or surgery.The IMC will be open as usual next week for appointments but with socially distanced seating and we politely ask patients to wear a mask and hand sanitise before entering the building.

‘Telephone consultations may be a preferred method of speaking to a doctor and we recommend this option.The Mignot is now closed to visitors.

‘Anyone wanting to see an in patient or see a doctor in an emergency this weekend, is asked to ring the ward first on 822822 and follow the instructions they are given. We ask people not to just turn up at the hospital as the doors will be locked. Staying safe by staying apart….”

AYNEWS: by our calculations that is now 439 vaccinations as of Saturday 23rd January. Thank you for your efforts Team IMC.

2 thoughts on “Dr Sally: Full steam ahead for vaccinations

  1. As we don’t have any Covid 19 on the Island why must we go into lockdown in the same way as Guernsey, surely this is an over reaction.

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