October 3, 2022

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New States committee chairmen appointed

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Bill Abel has been elected to chair the Policy and Finance and Boyd Kelly will head up the General Services Committee.

Mr Abel, a former mining engineer, went head to head with education professional Ian Carter, both of them fresh to the States, having been elected just before Christmas.

Chairmen and Members to the three statutory committees were appointed at the January States Meeting at the Courthouse.

In support of his bid for Alderney’s biggest political role, Mr Abel highlighted his extensive managerial experience in mining operations.

He described himself as ‘process driven and results focused’.

Mr Abel, who was proposed by Alex Snowdon and seconded by Steve Roberts, detailed what he saw as priorities for P&F for the next three months. They included the recruitment of a new Chief Executive, meeting up with members of Policy & Resources to identify opportunities for Alderney in their Revive & Thrive campaign and ensuring a ferry link was re-established to complement the air service.

All States members with the exception of Mr Carter, Graham McKinley and Annie Burgess voted for Mr Abel.  

Bill Abel

 The nine remaining States members will all sit on P&F.

Former GSC chairman Graham McKinley was keen to continue his stewardship of that committee, arguing that at present, continuity was important.

However Boyd Kelly, proposed by Steve Roberts, won the vote, scooping seven votes to Mr McKinley’s three.  

He reminded his colleagues that he had deputised as GSC chairman during his last term on the States seven or so years ago, stepping up for three months when the then incumbent fell ill.

He helped establish in the Water Board’s new filtration system among other tasks.

Graham McKinley, Steve Roberts, Rhys Jenkins and Annie Burgess were also elected onto GSC.

Kevin Gentle was appointed chairman of the Building and Development Control Committee alongside Alex Snowdon, Ian Carter, Annie Burgess and Chris Harris. Mr McKinley was appointed Vice President. Rhys Jenkins will be the new school liaison.

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