September 25, 2022

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New P&R President vows to be a ‘friend to Alderney’

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Newly elected Policy and Resources President, Peter Ferbrache, said he would continue to be a ‘friend to Alderney’ during his term in office.

Deputy Ferbrache was chosen for Guernsey’s senior political position by a vote of 23-17, ahead of incumbent Deputy Gavin St Pier.

At the last States of Deliberation Alderney Representative Alex Snowdon asked both candidates what they would do to sustain and improve relations with Alderney.

Mr Ferbrache, an advocate and former barrister, said:

‘Alderney has not been looked after at all in the last four years in any material way.

‘In the past four years I think I’ve shown myself to be a friend of Alderney and I will continue to be a friend to Alderney.

‘We need to speak to the politicians in Alderney and we need to have regular contact with them. We need to listen to what they have to say and we ought to appreciate their difficulties.

‘They [the States of Alderney] are not always the most united bunch but we ought to try and pour gentle words into sometimes troubled ears. We need to liaise with the people of Alderney and liaise with their political representatives.’

The P&R President heads up the senior committee and uses the title of chief minister when working externally.

The committee is responsible for co-ordinating policy and allocating and managing States resources.

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