September 25, 2022

First with the Alderney News

New crane waits for assembly by UK fitters

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Alderney’s new £800,000 harbour crane has been delivered in two shipments and awaits assembly from a team of fitters from the UK.

The new Sennebogen crane is an updated model of the former harbour crane, which was eight years old and beginning to exhibit electrical and hydraulic problems.

The team of fitters, who work for E.H Hassell & Son, are expected in two weeks time on the True Blue charter boat.

They will work and live together in isolation and communicate with harbour staff by radio, so they can get going on the crane assembly as soon as they arrive.

The new crane will have an oyster grab facility to lift aggregate directly onto trucks.General Services Committee chairman Boyd Kelly said it would cause extra stress on crane but one tonne bags would not be necessary as some builders had feared.

The new crane is currently in parts

He added that local people would be trained up to provide maintenance to the new crane, in addition to the maintenance contract with the manufacturer, and he was hoping it could be away moved from the quay in bad weather.

He said the GSC is looking at options to have the old crane retained as a back up.

‘I’m concerned that having just one crane is a signal point of failure. It may be that we can have the old crane refurbished and kept on stand by. No decision on that has been made. We will research all the options and bring them back to GSC for discussion.’

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