October 3, 2022

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Details of inbound controls as Phase 5 approaches

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Control of charter vessels to mitigate virus risk

The General Services Committee has approved a comprehensive process drawn up by the Harbour Authority to ensure charter vessels and their passengers abide by strict rules which minimise the risk of bringing the Covid-19 virus to the island.

Returning residents, key workers and other staff sometimes use charter vessels to travel to Alderney and the Committee wishes to reassure islanders that the appropriate control measures are in place.
“We are aware there is public concern about the increase in people coming to the island so we have addressed the measures needed to reassure the local community,” said Harbour Master John Taylor.

The measures include:

Booking system

Control of charter vessels to mitigate virus risk

Any vessels wanting to arrive in Braye Harbour must complete a booking form 48 hours in advance and receive confirmation from the Harbour Master that their arrival can be accommodated. Details will include the proposed date and time of arrival, port of registry and last port of call; names, addresses and contact details of everyone on board, reason for travel and declaration of health. Failure to do this could result in the vessel being refused entry.

Inbound passenger declaration –

Vessels must contact Port Control via VHF radio on Ch16/74 as they approach Alderney to declare passenger and crew numbers for arrival. The vessel will use the designated landing area as advised by Port Control. Passengers and crew will remain on board until border force or police have cleared all passengers for entry. If the vessel has entered from outside the Bailiwick, no crew can disembark unless they have been cleared by Port Control.

Disembarkation and embarkation

Clearly marked routes for passengers must be followed in or out of the harbour, and outbound passengers must wait in a waiting area before being escorted to the landing stage.

Charter vessel operators based in the Bailiwick should comply with guidance for businesses issued on the Covid19.gov.gg website while operators based outside the Bailiwick are required to inform all passengers arriving from outside the Bailiwick of the need to self-isolate for 14 days. Self- isolation is monitored on the island and the penalty for non-compliance is a fine of up to £10,000.

Charter vessels are also asked to undertake a risk assessment to identify CoViD-19 control methods that should include consideration of wearing facemasks, seating arrangements and cleaning between journeys.

Passenger records including contact details must be kept for 14 days after the voyage to facilitate future contact tracing, if required.

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