October 3, 2022

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Fresh telling of German Occupation goes on sale

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A new book on the German occupation of the Bailiwick has just been released, chronicling that part of each island’s history in a fresh and accessible style.

Occupation to Liberation 1940-1945: Guernsey, Sark & Alderney has been specially produced to mark this year’s 75th anniversary of the Liberation.

While Islanders missed out on the elaborate celebrations planned to mark the event, the book by former Guernsey Museums’ Director Dr Jason Monaghan offers a unique insight into what took place on native soil during the war years.

When it was decided in June 1940 that the Channel Islands could not be defended, islanders faced a very different war to Britain. Whilst almost half were evacuated to England or joined the British armed forces, a slim majority of islanders remained to face the uncertainty of Occupation. These different groups of islanders had contrasting experiences, and between Guernsey, Sark and Alderney there is no single story of the Occupation. The Occupation holds an important place in the minds of islanders and frames the modern history of the Bailiwick of Guernsey

The book, which is published by Guernsey Museum & Galleries, has been launched with a corresponding exhibition at Candie Museum. Objects and images on display from the book include treasured children’s toys, a crystal radio set and bookends carved by a German soldier – well worth a visit on a trip to Guernsey.

It is on sale at Alderney’s Book Shop.

German soldiers outside a farmhouse in Sark, circa July 1940
Guernsey Museum & Art Gallery in Candie Gardens

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