October 6, 2022

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Mystery over FABlink progress reports to States Members

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The States of Alderney issued a Press Statement yesterday, 26th April, backtracking earlier statements by the Chair of Policy & Finance, Bill Abel, that there had been no communications between the States and FABlink.

Bill Abel stated yesterday:

“Subsequent enquiries have established that FAB Link progress reports on the project have been received. These progress reports are contractual requirements and provide updates on the work Fab Link is undertaking in the UK and the limited progress they have made with the French authorities.”

Whilst pregius This statement raises further questions. It seems highly like that Alderney citizens would be very interested to learn when the last time a FABlink progress report was presented to the Policy & Finance Commiteee, for example.

AY News will be seeking further clarifications and will keep you informed

1 thought on “Mystery over FABlink progress reports to States Members

  1. Why is this a mystery, the bi annual reports for the years 2015,16,17,18,19,20, should be in the FABlink file at the States office, available to all serving States members. If the reports are not in the file, they were either never written, or someone has removed them? You make the call.

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