September 25, 2022

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Murder, he wrote

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Report and photos by Ilona Soane-Sands

Published Alderney author Lee Flewitt has pulled it off again – this time with two short murder mystery plays which were performed in the Georgian House on 13th and 14th May.

For the first time, the Alderney Theatre Group hosted a murder mystery dinner in the Orangery. Seating 56 diners, it was possible to accommodate a theatre stage and amazing backdrops as well as props.

On Thursday 13th and Friday 14th May, the stage was set for two different murder mystery plays. The stunning backdrops created by Nick Collier and Ronnie Cairnduff’s clever props set the scene.

Both plays were pre-recorded by Alex Flewitt, with special sound effects adding further suspense, and were brilliantly enacted by the cast who had the audience in suspense and stitches.

Murder in the Library: The first crime claimed just one victim who perished due to extremely intriguing circumstances. But, as this play may well be shown again during Alderney Week, no clues, other than the cast, will be disclosed!

Lord Percival Rogers-Knightley (Nigel Soane-Sands), Caspar the Dog (Aleksandra Jakubowska), Carmel the Maid (Thea Constance), Doctor Cameron (Lee Flewitt), Lady Camilla (Charlotte Newton) and Henrietta Sandwich (Sarah Simpkins).

The curtains were raised again to reveal another crime scene: this time Alderney’s railway station.

Murder on the Alderney Express, claimed no less than four casualties. The storyline is hilarious and the mystery was solved by the famous and very clever Belgian detective Hercule Poirot (Ronnie Cairnduff). The cast also featured Lord Albert (Nigel Soane-Sands), Lady Essex (Lesley Cairnduff), Doctor Proctor (Lee Flewitt) and Raz Causeway (Ian Corder).

The curtains came down to thunderous applause and we are pleased to confirm the casualties lived on to survive another day and to star in another show!

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  1. Well said Ilona. Lee Flewitt has been pulling it off for years…….brilliant writing.

    One question, I thought Jonnie Cash had passed a few years back?!

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