September 25, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Covid cases in Guernsey rise to 107

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There are now 107 known cases of Covid 19 in the Bailiwick. 

Yesterday 23 new cases of infection were recorded; six of them with an unknown community source. 

There are currently no active cases in Alderney although track and trace researchers have been in touch with a handful of residents. 

At a media briefing today inGuernsey members of the Civil Contingencies Authority could only repeat the same message: stay at home, socially distance and report any symptoms to medical services. 


The media briefing was, for the most part, successfully executed over remote media services.

What has been made clear is that the Test, Track & Isolate strategy is working. Schools remain closed and are ‘likely’ to remain so into next week.

Following are the slides presented to give us a clear overview at this time.

The most important strategy is

Stay at Home

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