October 3, 2022

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Island receives another batch of Covid vaccines

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another 300 Covid immunisations have arrived on island this morning.

Medical staff will begin to vaccinate the over 75s after taking delivery of another 300 Covid-19 vaccinations this morning.

Alderney’s vaccination programme is being implemented by the Island Medical Centre. They have already vaccinated over 90s, over 80s, patients and staff at the hospital, and residents and carers at the Connaught Care Home.

The priority list for vaccinations follows the guidelines set by the UK’s Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation.

IMC Practice Manager Tracy Jean said those eligible for the latest batch of vaccines would by notified by the surgery.

She has also given out some guidelines for those called.

She said:

‘Please do not call the IMC to enquire on your eligibility – everybody will be notified. Calling just ties up the phone and the staff’s ability to manage the huge task of administering these shots.

‘The staff and doctors will be working overtime across the weekend to ensure immunisations are performed in a timely fashion.

‘Anybody with an appointment today is asked to arrive at the allotted time slot and not before. We may be running late and some patients may still be sitting for their mandatory 15 minutes after the vaccination.

‘Please, wear a short sleeved top and remove your outer wear before entering the surgery for your jab and make sure you bring your consent form with.

‘If you haven’t been notified about your vaccination date yet but your friend, neighbour or relative has been it doesn’t mean we have forgotten you – it just means it is not your turn yet!’

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