October 3, 2022

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Island Hall office open for half days

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The Island Hall front office has been opened to the public – but for half days only at present.

Access to other departments is by appointment only – even for States Members – and the stairs have been cordoned off.

The General office is open each weekday morning except Wednesday, when it is open in the afternoon.

No-one at the States was available to say why the hours were still being quite so limited.

The General Office new opening hours are:

 Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 8.45am – 1pm

 Wednesday 1pm – 4pm

A maximum of three visitors can be admitted to the General Office at any one time.

Visitors are asked to use the mailbox where possible and only attend for over-the-counter service when absolutely essential.

As well as the General Office, the Visitor Centre and Impôt are controlled access, where only the maximum number visitors are permitted entry at any one time.

The other offices in the Island Hall and the Harbour Office will be by appointment only. Each department will keep a record of those attending to also enable contact tracing and manage shared office space.

An Island Hall spokesperson thanked the public for their patience:

‘By working together with the care and attention of our community we have reached this phase and we are delighted to be able to re-open, whilst remaining vigilant with strict hygiene and access control measures. We thank you for your support and patience and working with us through this ongoing challenging period.’

Appointment only access
President 820001
Chief Executive 820010
Economic Development 820020
Planning 820030
Treasury 820040
Harbour 820070

Controlled access
General Office 820000 Tourism 820060 Impot 824030

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2 thoughts on “Island Hall office open for half days

  1. Another island hall rule from the Civil Service .
    Contravening the public right to enter the Hall.

    Someone wants to read the name…Island Hall. The islanders hall.
    Sooner we have the guts to stop these things happening here , we will get Alderney Alderney again.
    Look what’s happening here, the public don’t approve of the changes imposed on our society. So change it.

  2. Why were signs posted around the Island the day before restrictions were lifted maintaining anti-social distancing required? Why are they still up? Why are there plastic screens up at the Island hall office? Are staff afraid of being attacked by rabid bill-payers? Why only 3 in the office at a time? Why are masks being insisted upon for travel when there are ZERO cases on Alderney or Guernsey? Time to wake up sheeple. Why were we locked down when we have been at phase 5 for 14 weeks? Let’s get back to normal please, not a new normal, the old one was just fine.

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