September 25, 2022

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HMS Affray remembered

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A service of remembrance was held at Braye Harbour this morning to commemorate the anniversary of the worst Royal Navy submarine accident since World War II.

Vice-President Graham McKinley made a moving tribute to those who lost their lives, which was particularly poignant as none of the families of those lost could attend due to COVID restrictions.

States Member, Kevin Gentle, himself a submariner read a poem written by one of the search crew members.

Perhaps somewhere ‘neath us who search
Seventy-five souls are now at prayer
With words not heard in any church
Of alternative hope and then despair

Thoughts of sweethearts and wives
Who cry and know not restful sleep
For thinking of those feared lost lives
Who lie in waters enclosed and deep
Give to them, my God, I pray
Swift rescue and the light of day
Not my will, but thine, be done

Help us cry: “the battle is won!”
Perhaps such is not Your will at all
But on their sins, do not frown
And when your bosun sounds the call
Give your blessing to their last pipe-down

The Rev. Jan Fowler concluded proceedings by leading the participants in prayer.

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