October 3, 2022

First with the Alderney News

‘Highly likely’ that new Covid variant is in Guersey

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Public health officials said it was ‘highly likely’ that the new more virulent strain of Coronavirus in the Bailwick because numbers of people contracting it were so high.

A total of 36 new cases were recorded yesterday – 10 of unknown community source, 25 from contacts and one in someone who had travelled.

On Monday there were 10 new cases with seven from an unknown community source.

Five people are receiving in patient treatment for the illness.

Dr Brink, speaking at today’s remote press briefing, said a significant number of new cases represented whole households who had become infected.

Samples have been sent to a lab in Colindale, London, to find out if the new variant is present.

Dr Brink said:

‘The figures are where we would want them to be, in that they have not increased exponentially.

‘It’s highly likely that we have the more transmissible variant in the community given the rise in numbers that we have seen.’

There are currently 329 active cases of Covid 19 in the Bailiwick. There is none in Alderney.

At Friday’s briefing the panel will outline the parameters for easing restrictions.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby said that new factors such as the variant, the vaccination uptake and experience from last year’s wave will make this one different to the last ease down.

However restrictions will remain until there are no new cases with an unknown community source.

Dr Brink said:

‘We are aiming to supress the virus to a level where we have no active community seeding. We need to protect the community while we roll out immunisations. There will be cases that appear from time to time and they will be managed through track and trace.’

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