September 25, 2022

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Have your say on the move to Phase 5C

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Alderney residents have the chance to make their views known on when the Island transitions into Phase 5C.

The States of Guernsey is making practical arrangements for the next stage of Exit from Lockdown which will see testing for Covid 19 at borders for travellers from Group B countries.

Travellers will have to isolate until the test result is known (24-48 hours) then take a second test on Day 7.

Testing booths are being constructed at Guernsey Airport and the harbour and the States of Guernsey is waiting delivery of a robot to speed up processing. They are also recruiting extra pathology staff.

No date for the transition to Phase 5C has yet been set.

However, next Wednesday Director of Public Health Dr Nicola Brink will hold a remote meeting with all States members at a special Policy and Finance meeting to gather views from Alderney on moving to the next phase.

For the first time residents have the chance to channel their thoughts and feelings to decision makers in Guernsey.

The Chamber of Commerce has established simple survey asking residents when they would like to see Alderney enter Phase 5C.

The survey is anonymous and results will be aggregated and presented to the States.

There are a range of answers to choose from ranging from ‘at the same time as Guernsey’ to ‘when Alderney Border, police and medical teams confirm they are equipped to safely transition’ to ‘when there is a vaccine’ and ‘remain in 5B for the foreseeable future’.

Survey creator, Chamber of Commerce Vice President Ann Hodgson, said the survey was aimed at ‘taking the temperature’ of opinion on the issue.

Policy and Finance Chairman James Dent has also invited people to email their views to him ( although he stressed that advice from the Island’s medical professionals would form the basis of representations to Dr Brink.

For more information on Phase 5 C click here:

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