October 6, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Guernseyfolk continue to find Alderney an attractive place to visit

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FOR the past twenty years this lively bunch of ten Guernsey ladies have always treated the first weekend of May as their special ‘Girls-Only ‘ Outing to Alderney’ to celebrate the traditional Channel Island custom of ‘Milk-a-Punch Sunday’.   This week it coincided with the soccer match between  Alderney Nomads and top team Rovers  AC *so it was a natural thing for the girls to do to go and support their local lads at the Mount Hale  football ground wearing their special ‘designer’ numbered  tee shirts. 
 Photo credit: David Nash
The following day, to show solidarity with all their many Alderney friends, they donned  the AY colours with blue and white outfits  when they visited the Moorings pub at Braye and tried out the free Milk-a Punch which is given away at every bar on the island.  The drink relates loosely to an age- old tradition when the famous Alderney cattle were taken out of their byres and sheds in the town and turned loose on the lush common meadows after the winter. Pails of rich fresh milk were taken in the fields , mixed with eggs and rum or spirits and shared amongst the locals.  The visiting girls all said how they found Alderney folk so friendly and  welcoming . They stated the atmosphere was just like Guernsey 20 years ago.  Most are planning to return for a ‘staycation’ at some time with their families. -Photo: David Nash

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