October 3, 2022

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States members press for greater involvement

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Members of the States of Alderney are asking for more involvement in how the Island deals locally with coronavirus restrictions and with planning for economic recovery.

Some politicians are concerned that Alderney has not managed to tailor any of the Bailiwick wide guidance for its own needs.

Like Sark, which also operates under Health and Social Care guidelines, applied under Civil Contingency Authority regulations, Alderney has remained virus free.

Recently Sark’s government put forward a case to President of the HSC, Dep. Heidi Soulsby, for a partial exemption, requesting that residents were permitted to resume paid outdoor work by themselves or in pairs if necessary, which could be monitored by the police.

The plea was granted, recognising Sark’s ‘specific circumstances, travel restrictions and the extra steps taken by residents to date’.

When an Alderney States Member contacted Deputy Soulsby asking why outdoor work was not similarly permitted on their Island she replied it was simply because Chief Pleas had made the request and she had received no request from Alderney to do likewise.

Alderney’s Policy and Finance Committee chairman, James Dent, recently wrote to Deputy Soulsby asking for the recognition of the Island’s different circumstances, and the general power to vary certain restrictions, subject to approval of the Director of Public Health. The proposal was not approved.

Several politicians believes it is time that elected Members were able to offer greater input to the implementation of restrictions locally and in planning for economic recovery.

Currently Alderney has James Dent on the Civil Contingency Authority.

A local operational group headed up by the States CEO and consisting of stakeholders such as the medical services, the police and the States Works, meets daily by video conference.

There was no Policy and Finance Meeting in March.

Mr Snowdon said the regulations set down by the CCA had been carefully considered and highly effective, and resulted in Alderney remaining virus free.

But he added: ‘Alderney may now need more bespoke rules, either stronger or weaker depending on the Island’s situation, for example in terms of travel restrictions and allowing certain businesses to reopen. We also need to show how any variation would be monitored. The government needs to discuss bespoke solutions.’

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