October 3, 2022

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Dutch sailor stranded on rocks off Raz Island

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A Dutch on his way from Brest to Cherbourg woke to find the keel of his boat jammed in rocky gully on Raz Island.

The sailor was discovered at around midday yesterday by the RNLI.

They found the boat grounded and the single handed yachtsman confused and dehydrated. Apparently he had fallen asleep while in the fast-flowing Race and woke up to find himself on the rocks.

He reportedly believed he was in France.

The sailor was dehydrated but otherwise physically fit

The sailor was not able to leave his boat due to Covid-19 restrictions but he was brought water by a Customs officer.

Arrangements are being made to try and float the vessel at high tide this evening.

French tug the Sarnia is reportedly being brought over to help tow him out with a line and ensure the boat does not suffer damage swingi

Fisherman Pierre Dupont was advising the authorities on how to get him out and arranging for the Sarnia to be brought over.

‘The sensible thing to do would be to bring him ashore onto Longis to check his boat that his boat is watertight. He says it isn’t damaged but it would be better to make sure.’

During the day many people made the stroll over Raz Causeway to have a look at the boat.

Guernsey visitor Yusef Khan scrambled down the rocks to make contact with the sailor, who was sitting on the deck of his boat in a sunhat.

‘I asked him if he was okay and said he was fine. I asked him in broken French if he needed anything and he said no and I wished him well. I think it’s going to be difficult to get him out but we’ll leave that to the experts.’

The RNLI Lifeboat and the Sarnia are believed to be trying to help him off the rocks at 11pm this evening.

He was stranded in a gully just behind Raz Island

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