October 3, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Free moorings offer to visitor boats is re-instated

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Offer terminated: The free moorings deal has been promoted in Guernsey media

The States of Alderney has re-established a free moorings and water taxi offer to Bailiwick visitors and the deal will run until September 12th.

Earlier this week the States announced that they were terminating the offer from 10th August, despite the fact Visit Alderney had promoted the offer in Guernsey media as running until at least September 1st.

Revenue from the 70 visitor moorings, which are sold for £20 per night, goes to Harbour Office coffers and the reason given for withdrawing the offer was because it was adding to the HO deficit, which currently stands at £180,000.

The cost of the offer will now be met by the Economic Development Fund, which has been in surplus since the start of Coronavirus restrictions.

The General Services Committee decision was reached in a ‘remote’ vote after listening to the views of local businesses and elected Members.

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