October 3, 2022

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Forts photo competition winners announced

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AY News’ first photo competition proved what a wealth of talent is out there.

With Alderney Views (https://alderneyviews.com) kindly sponsoring the competition, we set Victorian Forts as the theme and you responded with a gallery of gorgeous pictures.

Alderney Views‘ Ali Simmons had the difficult task of judging the entries and here is his verdict. They will be emailed with their prizes.


#13 Nickie Shales with Fort Albert across Braye at night. 

Nickie Shales entry

Ali writes:

Nickie used her iPhone SE and the camera set a shutter speed of 1/3 of a second, with an ISO of 1000, which means a very high sensitivity to light, thus allowing the maximum amount of light into the lens. 

Nickie has managed to capture a lovely scene with the moon, clouds and the reflected light on the water. The white light of the moon is contrasted with the yellow man-made light in the houses and she has even manged to keep it level with the horizon. A nice photograph.


#9 Kay Allen-Herivel with Fort Raz

Kay Allen-Herival’s entry

Ali said:

I don’t know which phone Kay used, but the composition is excellent. Our theme is the Forts, which she has obviously captured, but she has also concentrated on the more interesting aspect of this picture; the clouds. The heavy dark clouds contrasting with the beautiful blue sky behind make the whole picture (in my opinion).

She made the right choice in minimising the dull green grass, (it’s not too interesting at this time of year). Again, nice and level with the horizon. 

Thank you to everyone for sending in your photo entries. The next competition will be announced shortly.

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