September 25, 2022

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Exclusivity period granted to marina developers

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An artists impression of how the marina would look.

A period of 18 months’ exclusivity has been offered to Braye Harbour Developments to progress plans for a 250-berth marina at the eastern end of Braye Bay.

At this week’s People’s Meeting however residents questioned the demand for the homes the developer wanted to build in exchange for construction of the facility.

The terms of a letter sent by the States of Alderney Chief Executive’s Office to Mr Gordon Owen offer a period for Braye Harbour Developments to draft plans.

The exclusive arrangement will give the developers confidence to invest money in researching plans within the parameters of the geography of that part of the bay and legal and policy parameters set out in the Land Use Plan and Building law. The States has indicated it will commission planning specialist Arup to help them assess any proposals.

The information was elicted from the States at this week’s People’s Meeting and residents discussed the issue.

Graham McKinley said the first stage of the marina, which will be enclosed by two breakwater arms will be built before the homes. Developers, he said, were talking of ‘a small number of homes’ which would have berths attached.

James Dent said that the developer was to absorb all of the financial risk of development.

Mr McKinley also stressed that they were not at this point asking for any money from the States of Alderney.

Nick Winder asked if there was in fact demand for more homes, especially the deluxe variety ensvisioned by marina developers.

‘We’ve got large properties on the Butes unfilled and they talking about building more.

I’m not raising any objections to marina plans. But I’m not convinced research has been done around the need for the homes.

Graham seems to be saying that because they are taking the risk it’s all right. But it’s another chunk of green land going under concrete.

If we think it’s too much and it isn’t what the Island needs, we have to say no to them.’

Mr McKinley said more would be known about their proposals for property development in six months, the end of the first stage of their exclusivity agreement.

Louis Jean said he was confident about a marina’s ability to create work and attract wealth.

‘Anything near a marina will attract yachtsmen. It’s time for modern, up to date facilities here for boats.’

4 thoughts on “Exclusivity period granted to marina developers

  1. All very well but the artist’s impression shows less than 50 craft. Is it needed? Really? Be better redeveloping the poor housing stock around the sweep of Braye. Shame there is no Channel Island vernacular that architects could be inspired by – think they must be cross eyed!

  2. As a boat owner I am all for a marina. We have only been in the process of getting one for the last 40 years! Why rush things? We all know that a 250 berth marina will not produce a return for the investors, or be of any economic benefit to the island. The real money is in the real estate, How many is “a small number of homes”? So the simply question is, Do we want big homes built within the green belt? If your answer is yes, then we will have a marina!!

  3. A marina would be nice, but it is not a must have or a priority. The airport is our key point to connectivity and island development and should be the focus of attention, then other things like a marina can be considered.
    Even then it needs to a part of a strategic plan for harbour development to improve and future proof facilities for receiving goods and supplies to the island. We seem to see too many ad hoc ‘quick fixes’ as potential solutions instead of a strategic plan.

  4. I would have thought that those thirty foot tides would rule out building a marina in Alderney !
    Must require very expensive engineering to make it work !
    Which leads on to the next question:-
    How many berths would be needed in order to make it profitable?
    Probably a few hundred I would have thought.
    I know Alderney needs something to generate much-needed extra income to support the Island’s (expensive) infrastructure but those of us with long memories can point to more than a few “White Elephants” in the past since the War!!
    How much Green Space would be needed for on shore activities and buildings, haul out, contractors, hard-stands, slipways, cafes, administration, pollution control, fuel depots etc etc???
    Good luck though, if it can be made to work for the Island’s benefit.

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