October 3, 2022

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Dr Nicola Brink makes surprise appearance in Cavalcade

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Fourteen former Miss Alderneys headed up the Cavalcade procession. Photo by Alderney Media

Public health hero Dr Nicola Brink made a surprise appearance as an honourary Miss Alderney yesterday at the largest event in the Bailiwick since lockdown.

Ronnie Cairnduff and his team pulled out all the stops to put together Alderney Week in record time after previously being forced to cancel because of Covid-19.

The turn around took place after, much earlier than expected, the Bailiwick Bubble was established in late June. Travel between the Islands was now freely permitted and large gatherings could again be held.

Slimmed down, but shining with vim and vigour, this year’s Alderney Week holds plenty of surprises.

Dr Nicola Brink thoroughly enjoyed her experience on the Miss Alderney float

Dr Brink, spotted waving merrily from the Miss Alderney float, was the first. She had been secretly invited to Alderney for the day to take part in the Cavalcade procession by Ronnie, and thoroughly enjoyed the unusual outing.

Afterwards, on a stroll round the stalls, games and food tents on the Butes, the epidemiologist enthused:

‘It was a lovely surprise to be invited to come here and very generous. It’s been wonderful being here this afternoon and it’s really great just seeing everyone enjoy themselves so much. There’s such a great atmosphere. We had such fun just driving down and chatting – it was a great treat for me.’

She said Cavalcade Day felt like a celebration of all that had been achieved by Islanders in the past few months.

‘Seeing everyone coming together like this makes me feel extremely proud of the Bailiwick.

We’ve had such a hard time with the social distancing and now here we are out like this as a community enjoying ourselves. It’s wonderful.’

A total of 16 floats, decorated cars and costumed walking groups flowed down Victoria Street, put together by residents and visitors in record time.

Kev Moore led the procession for the first time
Winning float was this Spiderman themed entry. Photo by Alderney Media
Friends of the Georgian Pub created a steam train. Photo by Alderney Media
The Horticultural Society took second prize. Photo by Alex Flewitt
Former Miss Alderney Neroli Queripel and her mother took part. Photo byAlex Flewitt

With the traditional Miss Alderney Easter March disco cancelled because of the outbreak for the first time ever there was no selected pageant leader.

So this year brought a celebration of all previous Miss Alderneys with 14 of them leading the parade in an Art Deco styled float fashioned by Mr Cairnduff.

Sally Bohan, Tracy and Marie-Claire Jean, Sammy and Bonnie Jenkins, Kerry Walker and

Candy Osborne were among the former pageant queens in the vanguard. Later on the Butes, sequined fringes swinging, they converged to execute a perfect executed Flapper dance.

Cheers! Former Miss Alderneys performed a perfect Flapper dance

Tracy Jean, Practice Manager at the Island Medical Centre, said being on the lead float once again had been fabulous.

She commented:

‘It was a very special Cavalcade to be in – it was for all the Bailiwick,’.

Another first was Kev Moore donning the scarlet jacket of Town Crier having been passed the bell by Robin Whicker. Passing excited faces along the route from Jackie Main’s yard, down the High Street and into Victoria Street had made him reflect on the plight of his relatives living in the North of England. They were enjoying none of the fun and freedom that Alderney was able to experience.

Winning float was the Spiderman entry: a hydrangea and paper flower bedecked three wheeler carrying two small superheroes in the back.

Second was another stunning floral entry, this time by first time entrants, the Horticultural Society. They produced their first float in a matter of days after a plea from Alderney Week team member Donald Hughes at the group’s AGM.

The Rosie Nomads team on the other hand are veteran float builders. Whereas they normally spend several months making their craft, painstakingly folding thousands of paper flowers, they weren’t going to make one this year, believing Alderney Week was off. Initially they planned to participate as a walking group.

The Rosie Nomads chose Summertime as a theme

Bev Hope Smith explained

‘[Fellow Nomad] Marie Spencer ordered the costumes two weeks ago and said she thought we could do a float after all. Yesterday afternoon we got the truck and we headed down to it with some beers and cardboard and paints and did the best we could. Our ‘Summer Time’ theme was all her idea, she’s the bathing belle.’

States of Alderney President William Tate was the public liaison for safeguarding arrangements during lockdown. He had high praise for the volunteers who made Alderney Week happen.

He said:

Yesterday was a triumph for the small dedicated team who against all odds delivered a Cavalcade Day which few of us suspected was possible.

It was the cherry on the cake to welcome Dr Brink who had approved the celebration going ahead and played an important role in the festivities.

Amelia Erheart was the inspiration for this flying machine
Flappers on the Butes
Former Miss Alderneys were in good form. Photo by Alderney Media
Town Criers past and present
Dr Nicola Brink soaking up the atmosphere on the Butes
Former Alderney resident Ian Rothery made it over from Guernsey

Events this week include the Daft Raft Race on Thursday and the ever popular Torchlight parade on Saturday.

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