October 6, 2022

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Disappointed ABO Chief calls States’ decision “short-sighted”

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In a statement issued today, Helen McGregor, the Chairman of the Alderney Bird Observatory said:

“The Directors of ABO Ltd are disappointed to report that in a debate today Alderney’s States voted to terminate our tenancy agreement for the Nunnery. We consider the move short-sighted, particularly as almost since we took over the Hostel we have been severely restricted by COVID regulations, and restrictions on our target market. However we will continue with our highly regarded scientific and census work to retain our accreditation with the Birds Observatory Council, under the inspirational leadership of our Bird Warden, John Horton.”


Neil Harvey, Helen McGregor, John Horton (l to r)
Photo: David Nash

She said that the ABO hopes it will be able to honour “all or nearly all” of the accommodation bookings it has made.

“We have at least 3 months notice under the terms of our agreement” she said. “All of us have been enormously heartened by the outpouring of support both on and off island,  for which we offer our grateful thanks, and we will publish our ongoing plans in due course.”

1 thought on “Disappointed ABO Chief calls States’ decision “short-sighted”

  1. Is it just me, but I don’t understand the significance of the Nunnery with regards the scientific data collection by the ABO.

    The ABO was able to run and perform its bird ringing/data collection “pre” Nunnery for many years when the hut alongside the bird hide was used to great effect and tables where set out on Longis Common.

    Had the Nunnery not been made available to the AWT/ABO, would the ABO had ceased to function ? I think not .

    So can someone please enlighten me as to its importance now?

    Confused? Yes we all are !

    Greg Richardson
    Former Un-Paid Flat Pack Furniture Builder, The Nunnery, Alderney

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