September 25, 2022

First with the Alderney News

David’s Gambit succeeds

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An Alderney chess club is going from strength to strength.

What started as an informal group of people connected with David Storer’s former antiques shop, has become a regular Saturday fixture at the Georgian House, with players of all ages, and all abilities taking part. The club meets at 1 pm.

Interest in chess has been boosted by the popularity of the TV Show The Queen’s Gambit.

It is hoped that a Chess Tournament can be organised sometime next month, which will be open to all comers, which would see the crowning of a brand-new Alderney Chess Champion.

Grace Millan (11) said today: “ I really enjoy the atmosphere. My experience may be little but everyone excepts me and is glad to play me. I see a lot of smiling faces during the games we play. I have improved drastically with all the support from the group as well as some recommendations. They have really made me enjoy chess.”

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