October 3, 2022

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Covid infection spreads to two people in Guernsey community

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Dr Nicola Brink

Following the announcement yesterday regarding the identification of a new case of COVID- 19, the Public Health Contact Tracing Team is working hard to identify contacts of this case (index case). However, it is important to note that the index case had not travelled in the last 14 days. They have also adhered to all Public Health guidance.

Following the identification of the index case late on Monday, a second positive case was identified late yesterday (Tuesday). This second case was picked up through the contact tracing process from the index case. The trace and trace team is still working to establish the source of infection for the index case.

The Jubilee and the Connaught Care Home were closed to visitors today because of the unknown source of infection.

Dr Brink, Director of Public Health, said:

‘The focus of the track and trace team is to identify the source of the infection in the index case and identify all potential contacts of this person, to prevent further onward spread in the community.

‘As it is unclear how this infection occurred, I think it is important to remind the community of the importance of sticking to the rules with regard to COVID-19. These include, for example, practicing good respiratory and hand hygiene, staying at home if you are unwell and adhering to any self-isolation and testing requirements after travel into the Bailiwick.

‘When an individual chooses to take a risk for themselves, they are actually taking a risk on behalf of the community. This may, of course, have serious consequences.’

‘Yesterday the Sampling Team sampled 239 people though the testing tent or home visits. A total of 365 tests were performed in the laboratory (not all test samples come from the Sampling Tent – some samples are taken, for example, in Primary Care).

‘Of the samples taken in the Sampling Tent: 107 of these were contacts or potential contacts of the case. The positive contact was identified through this process. It is important to note that due to our enhanced testing capacity we are able extend our testing capacity beyond direct contacts only enabling us to analyse the current situation rapidly. By the end of the week we should be able to provide an update on the total number of contacts identified and have a clearer understanding of these recent cases.’

Islanders are reminded that they should be aware of the symptoms of COVID-19 and should call the clinical helpline on 01481 756938 or 01481 756969, to be put forward for a free COVID-19 test.

The symptoms that you should be aware of are:

  •   New and severe fatigue
  •   New muscle ache for no obvious reason
  •   Headache (sinus pain, pain around eyes)
  •   Loss of smell/taste
  •   Sore throat
  •   Fever (high temperature, rigors, chills, can’t get warm)
  •   Shortness of breath, chest tightness
  •   Continuous new cough
  •   Children and Over 80s and 90s – loose stool, mild fever, not themselves with a cough presenting later

Before you call for assistance please bear in mind the following:

  •   If you are very unwell phone 999
  •   If you are concerned you are unwell and need to speak to someone about your symptoms call your GP
  •   If you have symptoms that are manageable at home which you are not worried about, call the helpline to discuss if you need a COVID test You can contact primary care BEFORE you receive the results of your COVID-19 test but you must tell them you are waiting for a test/results when you call. They will make arrangements to see you in the clinics that have set aside for those with respiratory/potential COVID-19 symptoms. As we move towards the winter it is timely to remind islanders that we all need to play our part in keeping the community healthy. If you are ill, please don’t go to work – and to managers and bosses, please support those who are poorly by, where possible, allowing employees to work from home. We know and understand that this isn’t always possible, but if you can, then please do.

2 thoughts on “Covid infection spreads to two people in Guernsey community

  1. The World Health Org. (WHO) confirms that lock downs and anti-social distancing merely delay the inevitable of catching C-19 which explains the spike in cases after removing the US and UK lock down rules in the summer. “We in the World Health Organisation do not advocate lock downs as the primary means of control of this virus,” Dr Nabarro, WHO envoy, 12/10/2020.

    WHO also confirm masks are ineffective against viruses, (it says so on the box that they came in). The number of cases is not the important statistic, it is the number of deaths occurring. WHO also confirm that only 6% of total deaths recorded are OF C-19, the other 94% are WITH C-19.

    In the Bailiwick the average age of death WITH C-19 is 87 years. All victims exhibited three or more co-morbidities. The total number of deaths to date WITH C-19 is 13. The total number of deaths occurring OF C-19 is zero. The Bailiwick death rate is 0.018% per head of population WITH C-19, around the same number as the seasonal flu per year, however we don’t lock down every year for the flu.

    Also I cannot find any information on the number of Bailiwick deaths from flu for the 2019/20 flu season. Perhaps there weren’t any flu deaths last season? Strange. So he odds of dying from C-19 appear to better than 1.Getting out of bed, 2.Riding a bike 3.Being struck by lightning, 4.Winning the lottery. I am therefore happy to take that risk.

    Obviously protect nursing homes, the old and infirm and people with compromised immune systems. Otherwise, stop panicking at the breathless and increasingly hysterical media reporting espousing imminent death to every soul on the planet. Just Keep Calm and Carry On.

  2. Over 6000 vetted scientists say:

    “The evidence is very clear: controlling community spread of COVID-19 is the best way to protect our societies and economies until safe and effective vaccines and therapeutics arrive within the coming months”


    The Baliwick got it right. It’s not the flu.

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