September 25, 2022

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Covid-19 team considers travel variations for English regions

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Parts of England such as Yorkshire and the North West could be placed on a Group A regional list from next Tuesday, requiring travellers to isolate for a full 14 days on their return to the Bailiwick.

The Civil Contingencies Authority announced today that they would this week consider whether to put in place regional variations for areas in England with higher and lower prevalences of Covid-19.

The approach will allow travel from regions with lower rates of Covid-19 infection to stay as a Group B classification – with arriving travellers able to take advantage of the seven day isolation then test option when they return to the Bailiwick.

However it would compel people arriving from Group A regions to isolate for a mandatory 14 days on arrival into the Bailiwick.

The regions most likely to be designated as Group A are those which currently have a Covid-19 infection prevalence of 30 in 100,000 people and which continue at or above that prevalence for the next seven days.

This diagram indicates the regions with prevalence rates which could put them in a ‘Group C’ category

The CCA will make a formal decision this Thursday on whether to introduce the scheme. President of Policy and Resources Gavin St Pier said people travelling to the UK should keep themselves informed about regional variations being introduced.

If the returning traveller has driven through any Group A designated region in a private vehicle, they will not be classified as having travelled to that region. He or she cannot get out of the vehicle at any point, including to stop at a service station. 

If the traveller has stopped in that region or been on public transport in that region, they will be classified as having travelled to that region. 

Any person arriving into the Bailiwick will be legally required to declare where the places they have travelled from or through.

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