October 6, 2022

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COVID-19: Important information for Alderney community

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Speaking on QUAY-FM this morning, President William Tate made a number of important announcements as the Island deals with the current outbreak of COVID-19 cases.

He gave an assurance to young people reluctant to come forward for a  test because they fear they will not be able to work that financial assistance will be available and by protecting themselves they are protecting the whole community.

Those who were at a number of venues at certain times (listed at the end of this press release) should contact 01481 520266 to arrange a test. In addition, an online form at localtesting.gov.gg should be completed in advance to enable a swift and smooth process.

Non-symptomatic and cohort testing has been arranged at the Welcome Team’s Harbour testing centre today (Tuesday) between 12.30 and 1.30pm and between 11.30 and 1.30 from tomorrow.

Volunteers to assist in this service should email recruitment@alderney.gov.gg. Symptomatic Public Health testing for those with symptoms and those that have been contacted by Public Health to present for testing continues at the IMC.

Since last Friday, the Welcome Team and the IMC have tested 800 people. There are 27 positive cases identified and 50 people are in self-isolation.

SELF-ISOLATION ACCOMMODATION: The States has arranged for two establishments for those who have been asked by Public Health to self-isolate but are currently in shared accommodation and therefore are unable to comply. Rooms are held at La Ville Hotel (0181 824784) and Farm Court B&B (01481 822075) for Public Health referrals. Guests pay the establishments direct.

VOLUNTEERS: Gabrielle Tate has reactivated the Alderney Spirit appeal for volunteers that worked so well during previous lockdowns. Urgent requests include: Jean’s Stores and the Farm Shop need volunteers to help with emergency shopping and deliveries for those who live alone and are unable to get out; Le Cocq’s supermarkets are short-staffed due to the outbreak and are seeking assistance from tomorrow onwards. To help, call Gabrielle on 07781 440269.

STATES OF ALDERNEY MEETING (Wednesday 2.30pm): The meeting will go ahead with social distancing in place, the windows open and participants wearing masks. The public are asked to listen to proceedings on Quay FM, which can also be accessed online at quayfm.gg, rather than attend in person.

Full list of locations and times for anyone who was present to come forward for testing at the Harbour Testing Centre:

  •  The Divers Pub on 11th July from 8pm onwards (they were showing the Euros 2020 Final)

  •  Cantina No 6 on 11th July between 4pm-8pm

  •  The Blonde Hedgehog on 9th July between 8am-4pm

  •  Concert at St Anne’s Church on 10th July starting at 7pm

  •  The Seafarers Service on 11th July starting at 10.30am

  •  Alderney Sailing Club on 15th July from 6.30pm onwards

  • Anyone who was at Alderney Airport on July 12 between 8.45am and 3pm (when the island was fogged in)

If you are currently in Alderney and were at any of these locations at the times identified, please contact the Alderney Welcome Centre duty phone on 01481 520266 between 8am and 5.30pm, 7 days a week, so that a test can be booked.

If you experience any symptoms (see graphic) no matter how mild, contact the Clinical Helpline on 01481 756938 or 01481 756969.

The States of Alderney, Civil Contingencies Authority and Public Health Services will continue to provide updates over the coming days. Further advice and information is available at covid19.gov.gg.

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