October 6, 2022

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EXCLUSIVE: Could FABlink be back on the agenda?

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(Picture: David Nash)

It was not that long ago, that the France-Alderney-Britain electricity link (or “FABlink” for short) was a very hot topic in Alderney. FABlink was envisaged as consisting of two pairs of electrical cables, a converter station at each end, and connections into the high voltage grids. It was designed to travel nearly 220 km between electrical substations at Menuel, on the Cotentin, and Exeter in England, via Alderney.

The proposal generated much controversy and opposition in Alderney in the days before COVID-19 grabbed our attention, but it slipped from public view over the last 3-4 years.

At the time, there were worries that a proposed route for the cable could affect war graves, with the Russian Ambassador and the UK’s Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis among those expressing concerns.

FABlink appeared to have been put on hold in 2017, amid, among other things, uncertainty due to Brexit.

Recently, however, AY News has obtained a copy of a document dated 25th March 2021 which is entitled General Vesting Declaration under the ‘FABlink Budleigh Salterton to Broadclyst Compulsory Purchase Order‘.

As best we can understand the legalese, it seems that FABlink Limited may be moving forward with purchasing various plots of land in the vicinity of the proposed English landing site for the cable.

At the time of writing, FABlink’s own website throws no light on this development: their last update, headlined “Latest News” is dated July 2019. The last posting on FABlink’s Facebook page looks to be even older — from as long ago as January 2018.

AY News has reached out to the company at their official email address to ask for an update and will keep you informed as soon as we hear back.

4 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Could FABlink be back on the agenda?

  1. Hello. Next time you update this, you may want to stress what is probably the main concern of Alderney residents: The HUGE converters stations in Mannez Quarry. Thank you.

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