October 3, 2022

First with the Alderney News

Snacks Away! New food truck hits the road

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Alderney’s restaurant scene is booming but for munchy moments when there isn’t an eatery open nearby – La Ville’s new food truck will stave off hunger.

Many of us have seen it on a couple of occasions already when it’s been parked outside La Ville Hotel for special events, most recently on New Year’s Eve.

So we made a truck stop at La Ville to get the skinny on it.

Staff have endowed the van with a name – The La Ville “Food Dude”. Ben Taylor, a spokesperson for La Ville , said they plan to serve tasty hot dogs, classic burgers and a small range of delicious crepes.

We can expect to see the “Food Dude” at all the usual island events. There is also talk of food and coffees being available at key locations around the island depending on weather.

If we hear more about these regular days we will of course let you know more.

The “Food Dude”
(photograph was taken during it’s previous life)

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