September 25, 2022

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Border Control Update

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(from the Guernsey Border Agency)

The GBA is beginning to encounter a number of people arriving into the Bailiwick who do not know where they are going to be staying /self-isolating. Please take note, people arriving are required by law to provide their self-isolation address and self-isolate. Please ensure your transport from the airport is in place before you arrive on the island.

Anyone arriving must proceed directly to their address and self-isolate, with no stops along the way. Shopping and other supplies can be delivered to your address, while you remain inside for 14 days. You may only leave your accommodation on the 15th day after you arrive on the island.

Employers, you must ensure the details of staff accommodation are supplied to your staff ahead of their travel.
If you are a critical worker AND are in possession of a COVID-19 travel approval form, you must self-isolate at your address for 14 days when you are not at work. You are permitted to leave your accommodation ONLY to attend work.

Please visit our website for the full details on travelling to the Bailiwick.

We know you are all concerned about the borders, we didn’t mean to alarm anyone but we can see how it might have worried some of you unnecessarily. The earlier update [above] was to act as a reminder as border agency officers have had a few instances where passengers arriving in the island haven’t had information to hand about where they are going to self-isolate.
We want to get you through security and on to your accommodation so you can self-isolate as smoothly and efficiently as possible, so we don’t want officers having to spend a lot of time with a passenger who is trying to retrieve the information about where they’re due to be staying. Please help us by making sure you have all your information ready. If you’re an employer and have a new member of staff arriving, please make sure they’re aware.
Please be reassured we have no known active cases in the Bailiwick and we are doing our best to keep it that way.

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