September 25, 2022

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Battery-powered Islanders project discussed at public meeting tonight

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Mark Harrisson, former Rolls Royce aircraft engineer, Barclay brothers helicopter pilot and now aviation consultant, is staging a public presentation tonight on a project to run battery-powered Islanders in the Bailiwick.

Mr Harrisson, a former Alderney resident, is part of Project Fresson, a UK government and industry backedteam development by Cranfield Aerospace of an electric propulsion system for the over 700 BN-2 Islanders currently operated, supported by Britten-Norman on electric batteries.

He will explain how and why the Channel Islands is in a perfect a position to take advantage of exciting developments in technology thanks to a coalescence of world events including the impact Covid 19 has had on the aviation industry and the global movement away from reliance on fossil fuels.

The Channel Islands would attract the gaze of the global transport industry by becoming home to the first commercial operation of battery-powered planes – if politicians in Alderney and Guernsey get behind the project.

He has invited the two Alderney Reps, Steve Roberts and Alex Snowdon, to join the panel, along with John Cadoret, a former long time director of operations at Aurigny.

He believes that Alderney in particular, with its fragile transport links, routes suitable for BN Islanders, heavy reliance on fossil fuel and need for revitalisation, could benefit substantially from being involved.

The team is in talks with several experienced existing airline operators – including Aurigny – about using a series of converted-to-battery powered Islanders to provide air transport links within the Channel Islands.

The meeting takes place at the Island Hall on Thursday 23rd July.

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