September 25, 2022

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Aurigny promises to lease back up if sole operational Dornier goes tech

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Aurigny will wet lease a Twin Otter if its sole operational Dornier goes tech while the other is in maintenance.

NG Dornier G-OAUR went into annual maintenance a week ago leaving just the other NG Dornier, G-ETAC, operating the Guernsey-Alderney route.

However, the airline has announced that it will lease a Twin Otter along with its crew – known as ‘wet’ leasing – if required while the heavy duty checks are being carried out on G-OAUR.

The length of time G-OAUR is away for depends on how much part replacement or remedial work is required.

A spokesperson for Aurigny said:

‘During the maintenance period the Alderney route will be operated by one aircraft, therefore Aurigny have entered into an agreement with Scilly Isles Skybus to Wet Lease a Twin Otter from them IF it is needed due to operational reasons with only one Dornier flying.

‘The Twin Otter is a similar sized aircraft to the Dornier but with some operational limitations that the Dornier does not have, so on the occasion that we did need to use it, Aurigny may need to amend schedules or compliment the service with a boat. The Skybus crew will be tested for Covid and must fully satisfy the requirements outlined by Guernsey Public Health before they operate any services.’

Aurigny CEO Mark Darby said:

‘Aurigny hopes that those who use the Alderney service will be reassured by the contingency measures we have put in place at this time.

‘Over the last six months our relationship with Alderney has greatly improved and we have been proud to have been part of their ‘Staycation’ success. We want to maintain that rapport and therefore have put measures in place that we hope we may not need. We understand the importance of connectivity to Alderney especially at this time and want to avoid any widespread disruption resulting from a single aircraft operation.’

States Member Steve Roberts applauded Aurigny’s decision.

He said: ‘I am glad Aurigny management appears to be recognising the fact that two aircraft to service Alderney falls short, something I personally have been shouting about for years, and I am delighted it is a Twin Otter. Well done Aurigny.’

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